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Volunteer Community Service Hours With Luv Michael

Volunteer Community Service Hours With Luv Michael

Earn Volunteer Community Service Hours with Luv Michael! 

Volunteer and Earn Nationally Recognized Volunteer Hours. All while supporting an amazing cause! Begin by learning to advocate for autistic adults. Follow up by meeting with the Luv Michael team and connect with the team virtually. And then run your own digital campaign.

Fill out the form below for more info!

Some facts about autism:


Autism affects 1 in 54 kids. What happens to kids with autism? They become adults with Autism. What do adults want and need? A chance to do meaningful work, however over 90% of autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed. After the age of 21, autistic adults lose access to government funded programs and support. Over the next 10 years 500,000 kids will lose the support of state funded programs. There is a 400% higher suicide rate in autistic adults.  The journey from special needs programs to a paycheck seems nearly impossible. We are facing a humanitarian crisis and we need your help.
Your volunteer community service hours can make a difference!
Drop your name and email below for more information. 


Luv Michael trains, educates, and employs autistic adults. We 
provide a great place to work and a supportive community. In addition, we also hand make all natural gluten free amazing granola at our bakery in NYC. Our Granologists learn to pass the NY State food handlers license test.Your volunteer community service hours help us keep the mission going strong! You’ll spend your time as a digital advocate for this important work. Also you will learn how 501c3’s leverage technology in the post Covid-19 world. Perhaps even more important at this time, is this program is 100% online.
Watch the video below to learn about the impact this program is having on our team and their families. Fill out the form below and help us grow.

Earn a nationally recognized service award for your volunteer community service hours.
(Hours to qualify depend on your age)
Build a more accepting world for all.

Need more info on volunteering?


So let’s do this!


We can’t wait to connect with you and share all of the work we are doing with volunteers just like you. It’s an exciting time at Luv Michael. Firstly, volunteers have already sent thousands of messages and raised thousands of dollars to support our mission. Secondly,  every donation that we receive allows us to send a sincere thank you from our team. Thank-You’s include a handwritten note from our granologists and some of our hand-made delicious all natural granola. You aren’t required to solicit any donations or raise any money but most of our volunteers find individuals and companies that want to support our mission. Third, it’s really those donations that create the meaningful work for our granologists to do. The more work we need to do, the more meaningful jobs we can create.

We hope you are ready to join us. We are here for you to answer any questions. Help us build more Luv Michael centers across the world. And help us Share the Luv!
Join us!

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  1. I need to complete 64 hrs community service hours, before March/16/2021..
    I’m willing to complete w/ ur website as long as u make my VOLUNTEER WORK HOUR SHEET ..SO I CAN TAKE IT TO COURT BY MARCH /16/2021

    1. same… i have 2-3 weeks to complete 60 hours …im willing to work remotely or donate whatever is needed please let me know
      thank you

  2. I need to complete 18 hrs community service hours through your website and I am comfortable only online due to COVID19. So please let me know if it’s possible?

  3. I need to complete 40 hours of community service In order to graduate this year early. And my guidance counselor recommended this site for me to do so. I’m very interested and think it’s great that it’s virtual due to covid 19 it makes me feel comfortable to do my service hours.

  4. I need 40 hours of community service that is nationwide recognized. Are you nationwide recognized and if so when can I start

  5. Wow, this is such an amazing cause!!! I think it’s so great that you do this—underemployment amongst those with special needs is a critical issue within our society that we must address. So excited to join your team of volunteers 🙂

  6. I need 50 hrs of community service that is court-ordered. I was wondering what the steps I take to volunteer and The Tasks i need to complete and if you offer virtual volunteering? Thanks

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