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Fundraising Ideas With Luv Michael

Fundraising Ideas With Luv Michael

Fundraising that Feels Good! A Great Fundraising Idea for your team.

Let us help your team raise funds while you help us create meaningful work for the autism community.

You keep 50%
Yes its easy, with no product to handle, no upfront costs, no minimums and no paperwork.
And yes its fast, just 7 days.

So what makes this fundraiser so special?

It’s where that other 50% goes!

Meet Luv Michael, a non profit granola bakery that trains, educates, and employs autistic adults.
Each time someone donates to your fundraiser, our team of granologists will prepare a handwritten thank you card and hand make them some of our award winning all natural granola to show our appreciation for their support. We’ll ship it right to their door. We’ll thank them for supporting your team. Imagine knowing that your team’s fundraising is providing meaningful employment for the autism community and helping the world become more aware of autism initiatives. It’s perfect for Cheerleading Teams, Dance Teams, Football Teams, Soccer Teams, Volleyball Teams, Fraternities, Sororities, Baseball Teams, Basketball Teams, Clubs, High School Bands, and so much more.

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Some facts about autism:


Autism affects 1 in 44 kids. What happens to autistic kids ? They become autistic adults. What do adults want and need? A chance to do meaningful work, however over 90% of autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed. After the age of 21, autistic adults lose access to government funded programs and support. Over the next 10 years 500,000 kids will lose the support of state funded programs. There is a 400% higher suicide rate in autistic adults.  The journey from special needs programs to a paycheck seems nearly impossible. We are facing a humanitarian crisis and we need your help.
Your fundraising can make a difference!
Drop your name and email below for more information.


Luv Michael trains, educates, and employs autistic adults. We 
provide a great place to work and a supportive community. In addition, we also hand make all natural gluten free amazing granola at our bakery in NYC. Our Granologists learn to pass the NY State food handlers license test.Your fundraising helps us keep the mission going strong!  This program is 100% online and you keep 50% of every dollar you raise. No product to handle, no cash to collect, and no paperwork! 
Watch the video below to learn about the impact this program is having on our team and their families. Fill out the form below and help us grow.



So let’s do this!


We can’t wait to connect with you and share all of the work we are doing with teams just like yours. It’s an exciting time at Luv Michael. Each time someone donates to your fundraiser, it creates the meaningful work for our granologists to do. The more work we need to do, the more meaningful jobs we can create.

We hope you are ready to join us. We are here for you to answer any questions. Help us build more Luv Michael centers across the world. And help us Share the Luv!
Join us!


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  1. hello – I’m the National Honor Society (NHS) sponsor for Liberty Independent Private School. We have 8 students in NHS. Can I have information about your organization such as how much does it cost to sell the items and S&H costs. Thank you!

  2. Really looking for information on how we can help our community. I own a coffeehouse and a dance studio that trains my clients with special needs to run brewin hope

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