Your Donation Helps Luv Michael, a 501c 3 Organization Train, Educate & Employ Individuals with Autism.

What started as Michael’s passion to make delicious, organic and gluten-free granola has now transformed into a robust company that is providing training, culinary education and living wages for individuals with Autism.

Luv Michael is currently producing its Originola Granola at the Entrepreneur Space in Long Island City. Luv Michael Granola is being sold in over 60 locations including New York D’Agostino Supermarkets, Gristedes Neighborhood Grocers, Fresh and Co., Café Metro and Wild by Nature stores as well as select Starbucks and at local stores in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Luv Michael is expanding daily with hopes of sharing the LUV in all 50 states in the near future.

What we need more than ever, is the support from our family and extended family and friends to purchase equipment, help with construction costs, and help with the financial support of critical talent and educators in order to successfully provide Luv Michael with a strong foundation.

By entrusting our team with your support, you can be sure that 100% will go into the designated area or equipment you have chosen to support.

Here is a registry of needed items to which your donation can be applied:

  • $50 luv Michael fleece for granologists to wear during food events and tastings
  • $75 French rolling pin for accurate granola preparation
  • $75 Chef Jacket and cap
  • $100 Digital Scales
  • $500 Full set up of supplies including bowls, measuring cups, scale, and rolling pin
  • $1000 I pad for each granologist
  • $2500 Smart Board 78×52
  • $30,000 Revent 30 rack oven
  • $20,000 Walk-in Freezer box
  • $20,000 140 Quart mixer
  • $50,000 Lighting
  • $50,000 HVAC
  • $50,000 Sheetrock
  • $50,000 Windowpane divided light partition
  • $50,000 Shelving and display
  • $20,000 Marketing budget
  • $40,000 Sponsor a granologist for one year
  • $70,000 Sponsor a special education teacher for one year

Every donation helps! This may be monetary or helping to connect us to valuable resources such as possible industries looking to support this type of mission and product.  We are also very open to naming opportunities like the “company X quiet room” or the “company Y Classroom.”