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In 2020, Luv Michael launched a virtual volunteer program to inspire students to become advocates for autism acceptance. What began in NYC is now a global social movement. Students around the world are earning community service hours through digital outreach. Our volunteers educate their peers, friends, and families about the issues facing autistic individuals. With their service, they will create a more accepting world for all people.

Our program is one part learning about autism, one part advocating for autism acceptance, and one part creating meaningful work for autistic adults.
Now is the perfect time to complete your volunteer hours! 

This virtual volunteer community service program is perfect for National Honor Society, High Schools, Key Clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, general Community Service projects, HOSA, Best Buddies, Senior High School projects.



Read real feedback from our volunteers and understand how they view their impact.


"It's kind of hard to pick a favorite part, though I'de have to say it was probably reaching out to people. Watching people educate themselves about autism and then come back to me for more information about Luv Michael was, in all honesty, an amazing experience. Additionally, seeing people talk…

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"I would recommend everyone to volunteer with Luv Michael. This organization changed my perspective on life. It gave me an opportunity to step in the shoes of one of my peers with autism who I never knew faced so many challenges in life. Luv Michael is truly one of the…

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"My favorite part about volunteering was being able to help spread the word about Luv Michael. I was able to tell many people about the grate program that Luv Michael has and how they are helping employ autistic adults. I liked telling people about this awesome program. I would recommend…

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"I hope that by volunteering for Luv Michael I was able to spread awareness to the difficulties that autistic adults are facing and how overlooked these struggles can be. I hope that I am able to also lead to people donating to Luv Michael and help give more jobs and…

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Luv Michael trains, educates, and employs autistic adults. We provide a great place to work and a supportive community. In addition, we also hand make all natural gluten free amazing granola at our bakery in NYC. Our Granologists learn to pass the NY State food handlers license test.Your volunteer community service hours help us keep the mission going strong! You’ll spend your time as a digital advocate for this important work. Also you will learn how 501c3’s leverage technology in the post Covid-19 world. Perhaps even more important at this time, is this program is 100% online.

Luv Michael Kitchen

Established in 2015, Luv Michael is a 501c3 dedicated to improving the lives of adults with autism through training, education, and employment. We make all natural gluten free organic granola at our bakery in NYC. All of our products are made by individuals with Autism. Luv Michael has developed a food-based curriculum, which breaks down all the processes and procedures so that our employees can work efficiently in the kitchen in order to produce a quality product that they are proud of.

Luv Michael Kitchen

Luv Michael is committed to creating and providing meaningful jobs for the Autistic population. The profits from Luv Michael aid in the growth of our business and allow us to develop new training modules for our employees. Our granologists work within all aspects of the Luv Michael organization with roles in social media, volunteer program development, and research.


We can’t wait to connect with you and share all of the work we are doing with volunteers just like you. It’s an exciting time at Luv Michael. Firstly, volunteers have already sent thousands of messages and raised thousands of dollars to support our mission. Secondly,  every donation that we receive allows us to send a sincere thank you from our team. Thank-You’s include a handwritten note from our granologists and some of our hand-made delicious all natural granola. You aren’t required to solicit any donations or raise any money but most of our volunteers find individuals and companies that want to support our mission. Third, it’s really those donations that create the meaningful work for our granologists to do. The more work we need to do, the more meaningful jobs we can create.

We hope you are ready to join us. We are here for you to answer any questions. Help us build more Luv Michael centers across the world.

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