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We’ve Got A Friend – Thank You, Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages!

We’ve Got a Friend – Thank You, Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages!

For those who know us, the term “falling off a cliff” is the societal phenomenon that urged us to start our business. It refers to the abrupt end of special public education and disability programs for young adults with autism and developmental disabilities once they reach 18 years of age. While there are a million ways to debate the role of government in helping to care for these young people, Luv Michael Co. is working every day to step in and help fill this gap. Luv Michael has pioneered a winning education program and business model from scratch to help these young adults develop, grow and perhaps even provide for themselves in the future.

However, it does often take more than one non-profit to revolutionize the way we care for these young people and it could be so much more difficult without the help of great advocates in government like Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages. Assemblymember Solages recognized the unique benefits of our business model and worked tirelessly to procure a $250,000 New York State Capital Funding grant to help us outfit and support our new high-capacity kitchen and learning center, now located in Tribeca, New York.

Since the beginning, we at Luv Michael Co. have set out to do two things, craft delicious all-natural snackable granola without the harmful chemicals or toxic allergens and provide individuals and young adults on the spectrum with much needed on-the-job training and employment. Thanks to the dedication of great advocates like Assemblywomen Solages we at Luv Michael Co. will now be more able to educate and employ even more young adults with autism in a space now specially tailored for them.

From all the granologists, special educators, and staff at Luv Michael Co. Thank You Assemblywomen Michaelle C. Solages for your unwavering support and dedication and for helping us to craft a better future for the autism community.

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