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Luv Michael’s Gets A New Home

Luv Michael’s Gets A New Home

Our story is about to take a huge leap forward with the opening in late October of our higher-capacity, state-of-the-art Kitchen, Learning Center and Pop-Up Retail Store in the vibrant Tribeca area of New York City.

Luv Michael’s new home, located in a landmark Tribeca building, will allow LUV Michael to Train, Educate and Employ more granologists for their future culinary careers while, at the same time, they are employed in the making, packaging, distribution and retailing of LUV Michael granola…the first step in developing the skills, education and self-confidence that will enable them to pursue jobs and careers at LUV Michael or in the wider culinary, foodservice industry.

The KITCHEN where the granologists are trained has been carefully designed to meet the functional needs of a certified commercial kitchen equipped for large volume production as well as the special sensory needs of our granologists.

The LEARNING CENTER where the granologists further pursue their education in the science and practical side of a culinary career, includes a spacious classroom, hi-tech teaching devices, smart boards and supplies which assist in their enrichment experience.

The Entry Room/Lobby will serve a variety of functions. A wonderfully restored room, with original exposed brick walls and large glass windows open to Walker Street, providing a true window onto the life of the thriving neighborhood. Occasionally, the space will operate as a “Pop Up” retail shop where people can buy LUV Michael products, experiencing our hospitality and learning more about our important mission.

It will be a perfect place to meet with other partners, collaborators and supporters, the starting point for personalized tours of the full Luv Michael operation, and the place where the Team can come together to meet an strategize about the next exciting step forward.

Your support now will make a huge difference in LUV Michel’s ability to advance its Mission to Train, Educate and Employ Persons on the Autistic Spectrum and replicate its models in other communities.


Cost of Building State-of-the-Art Commercial Kitchen

  • CONSTRUCTION COSTS (to date) $442,000.

$50,000 -3 Vulcan Ovens accommodating 30 trays
$20,000 – 60 Quart Hobart Mixer
$20,000 – Walk-in Freezer Box
$20,000 – Viking Our thanks to ouStove,
$20,000 – 66-inch Tuscany Range

Our thanks to our Construction Partners: Michael Muroff – Architect; Jeff Etelemaki – Architect and Design; Michael Carron – TLM Group; Karla Caro – Empire City Consultants; De Lux Construction Inc.; Robert Faulkner – Genesis Flooring


  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Salaries for Educators and Enrichment Instructors

(Including curriculum development, special educators, assistant aides, equipment, supplies, specialized individual tutoring)


The Learning Center will be able to accommodate 20 Granologists @ a cost of $15,000 per granologist , or $300,000

If you would like to Share in the Luv by helping to Build the Luv and Spread the luv, please consider a donation

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