Luv Michael and East End Disability Association Produce Greek Delights At Hamptons Church - luv michael
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Luv Michael And East End Disability Association Produce Greek Delights At Hamptons Church

Luv Michael and East End Disability Association Produce Greek Delights At Hamptons Church

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Luv Michael, pioneers of the trademarked education model known as “Autism Made Autism Paid” are taking their “Luv” of all things delicious to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Hamptons this week.

Six individuals with autism and special needs will help produce delicious Greek favorites like spanakopita (spinach pies) and koulourakia( cookies). This magnificent partnership will show how people with autism and other special needs can realize their potential and be productive and fruitful members of their community. They just need a chance and supportive people around them. Members of the East End Disability Association will be accompanied by their support personnel to the church where the Presbytera Xanthi, Father Constantine, volunteers of the church and the team of Luv Michael – will utilize the Autism Made Autism Paid method to break down food safety and handling instruction as well as teaching how to make traditional Greek favorites. The production of the spanakopita and cookies will represent a commercially successful endeavor and will allow for paid employment for the individuals enrolled in this program as well as items for sale for the church.

It is a win win for everyone involved.

Luv Michael is a registered 501c3 whose mission is to train, educate and employ people with autism and special needs. The Autism Made Autism Paid logo represents companies and products that have utilized the patented, and holistic five prong method of teaching employability skills , food handling, communication and IT as well as creative arts which are all necessary in a entrepreneur food model.

AMAP assures the public that individuals with autism and special needs have been given an opportunity to realize their full potential and have been granted an opportunity for gainful employment.

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You Bring the Luv

We’ll Bring The Future of


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Our story is about to take a huge leap forward with the opening of our higher-capacity kitchen and learning center in the Tribeca section of New York City.

We hope you’ll join us by helping to spark the future of Autism-to-Work. Your support now will make a huge advancement in special needs work and development for years to come.

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