LUV MICHAEL To POPSUGAR: "We Had To Think Outside The Box" - Luv Michael
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LUV MICHAEL To POPSUGAR: “We Had To Think Outside The Box”

LUV MICHAEL To POPSUGAR: “We Had To Think Outside The Box”

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LUV MICHAEL to POPSUGAR: "We Had to Think Outside the Box"

Founder and President Dr. Lisa Liberatore talks to POPSUGAR MOMS about the creation and enduring growth of Luv Michael Co. :

Luv Michael, which is based in Long Island City, is a food-based company that produces homemade, organic granola. In addition to Michael, the company employs other young adults with autism, offering them culinary, sales, customer service, and life skills training. Their team, whom they’ve dubbed “granologists,” produces 120 pounds of granola each week for local grocery stores and food chains like Fresh&co and also for major companies like Starbucks and JetBlue. And they’re just getting started.

Our employees are so dedicated and come to work on time and prepared to work with their uniform pressed and ready. They’re proud of having the job and getting paid. They’re never distracted by their cell phones at work. They show initiative all the time

– Dr. Lisa Liberatore

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Luv Michael grows and succeeds thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to truly make a difference in the Autism-to-work movement, take a look at all of our support options…


Each order is hand mixed and packed by our hard working “Granologists.” By empowering them with living wages and life skills, we are able to deliver a product that tastes good and does good too.


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