Luv Michael is Now a Proud Member of Made in NYC

Luv Michael is Now a Proud Member of Made in NYC

Luv Michael is proud to announce that we’re now an official member of Made in NYC. Luv Michael maintains this exclusive relationship by being part of the local NYC culture and employing community members. Luv Michael is pleased to give back to our city by celebrating this partnership and being a trusted business for New Yorkers.

Luv Michael is about to open our flagship location in Tribeca (42 Walker Street, New York, New York 10013). The Luv Michael team is proud to settle into the Tribeca neighborhood and further submerge ourselves in the community.

Luv Michael already has a local presence in close to 50 shops including D’Agostino’s, fresh&co and Starbucks locations throughout NYC. Luv Michael hopes to develop our reputation further through our partnership with Made in NYC.

Luv Michael understands the importance of community in a big city, and we’re proud that Made in NYC has introduced Luv Michael as an official part of that community.

Check out Luv Michael’s Made in NYC listing here,

About Made in NYC

Made in NYC is here for New Yorkers. Launched by the Pratt Center for Community Development, we help manufacturers and entrepreneurs tell their story to provide a sense of community — reminding small businesses that they are not alone.

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